In the aftermath of the nuclear accident that turned Gloomtown into a town of zombies, Sheriff Brasco emerges as a strong and determined leader. With the town overrun and its population transformed, Brasco rallies the remaining survivors to join the fight against the undead and restore order to their once-peaceful mountain town.

As the game begins, the survivors gather at the local radio station, the last functional broadcasting center in Gloomtown. It becomes the hub for communications and serves as the primary source of information and mission updates. The radio station also houses a mysterious portable handheld radio that has the ability to intercept transmissions from other time periods and radio towers scattered throughout the town.

The story unfolds in chapters, each corresponding to a city block within Gloomtown. The survivors must venture into each block, completing objectives to unlock the next area while fending off waves of zombies. The objectives involve tasks like finding fuel to power the generator, locating and activating the radio tower, and broadcasting the rogue radio signal, which emits the mesmerizing synthwave music.

As the survivors progress, they begin to uncover clues about the origins of the zombie outbreak. They discover that the nuclear accident was not a mere accident but rather a result of a sinister experiment gone wrong. A secret organization had been conducting unethical experiments at the nuclear power plant, leading to the catastrophic event that unleashed the zombie horde.

Throughout their journey, the survivors encounter remnants of this organization, including corrupted scientists and mutated experiments. They also learn about the true power of the rogue radio signal: its ability to disrupt the control the organization has over the zombies. By broadcasting the music, the survivors not only repel the undead but also disrupt the organization’s influence.

The final chapter sees the survivors collecting the necessary components to repair a damaged helicopter. As they battle their way through the last remaining enemies and secure the helicopter, they make a daring escape, leaving Gloomtown behind and heading towards safety.

However, even as they fly away, they realize that the threat extends beyond Gloomtown. The organization behind the zombie outbreak has more operations and experiments in progress, indicating that the fight against the undead is far from over. The survivors vow to continue their fight, seeking out other pockets of resistance and unraveling the organization’s secrets.